Stop searching for a solution, start using one.

Cornerstone Creative is a boutique firm, offering innovative and flexible solutions for your product, branding and gifting needs. It's time to expect more from your recognition and incentives partner.

What we offer

Brand Awareness

Need to increase product awareness? Customer loyalty? Competitiveness? Sales? or Overall company value?

We can help you find the right product.


Need to boost morale? Engagement? or Positive behaviours?

We have the tools and expertise to make your program a positive experience.

Stores & Fulfillment

Need to get product out to clients? Dealers? Franchisees? Employees? or the Public?

We have extensive fulfillment capabilities and can help you connect with your clients.


Our boutique approach allows us to work in partnership to deliver what you need, when you need it, how you want it.

Brand Awareness


Is the giveaway part of a themed promotion, event, or holiday?


How will the items be given away? Are there packaging or size concerns?


Do you want your message to spread? Or be seen by the same person every day?


Are you appealing to a wide audience? Or targeting a specific group or individual?


What are your competitors likely to give away? What will set you apart in the crowd?

We do the research, so you don’t have to. With access to thousands of factory suppliers and artisans, the ultimate product is out there! We sift through it all to provide you with the best options to fit your requirements, brand and budget, with an eye towards items that are well-made and readily stocked.


Our "All-In" pricing includes everything to get the product to you, so there are no surprises when you get the invoice.



Trying to boost morale? Engagement? Safety? Sales? Team Retention? or Client / Supplier Loyalty?


What does it take to receive recognition? Will it be a nomination-based program? How many people will be awarded?


Is an award appropriate? Which ones work well for my group? Branded or not? Are there tax implications?


What form will your program take? Will managers recognize employees? Will the recognition be formal or informal? Face-to-face? or Virtually?


How will the program be launched? Nominees notified? Recipients advised? How or will the recipients be announced?


Is the program meeting its objectives? Is your team engaged in the recognition process?

We’re here to help answer all the questions and with our considerable experience crafting recognition programs, we can tweak your existing programs, or craft entirely new ones. Our goal is to ensure your programs are a sincere reflection of your brand and objectives, are adaptable to your changing demographic and always stay relevant with the current trends in recognition.


Our service extends beyond "the sale", we stand behind everything we do. Afterall, your success is our legacy.

Stores & Fulfillment

Online Store

Looking to sell or take orders online? Need a personalized store? or a fully custom one? For internal use or publicly accessible?


Will you require pre-sale product support? Returns and Exchanges? Order information and tracking?


Do you need to be invoiced directly? or Accept credit cards? Gift cards? Discounts? Is your payment processor PCI Level 1 certified?


How quickly do products have to ship? What quantities will you need? Where will it be warehoused? Who will re-order stock?


Do you require special packaging? Gift-wrapping? Inserts or pamphlets? Delivered to Site? or Shipped domestically or internationally?


Are there specific requirements? Total sales by Period, Billing or Shipping Region? Custom information collection? or Completely custom reports?

Need to navigate the complexities of online stores? We allow you to decide what service level is right for you, from a small internal company store, to one open to the public. We provide full warehousing, managed inventory and distribution capabilities to ensure your orders are fulfilled in a timely manner with all the special packaging and attention your customers deserve.